Montessori inspired baby mobiles & toys for design conscious parents.


Hello! I'm Helen, founder of BUNNY + BELLA and proud mummy of two. The inspiration for the name came from my son and his two favourite things that make him relax and sleep. His white - not so fluffy anymore - bunny and his dummy aka bella.

When I was pregnant, a friend told me all about the Montessori education and I felt that it’s an approach I can relate to. I started searching and reading about it and found that you can do things to help with your baby’s development from birth. So, I put a floor bed in the nursery instead of a cot, a mirror next to it and a low shelf with age appropriate wooden toys. Then I discovered the Montessori baby mobiles so I made four by myself. I loved the end result and how my son was engaging with them but I found the process overwhelming. Sourcing all the materials, finding detailed, accurate instructions and actually making them was time-consuming and stressful. When I started thinking about having another baby, I realized that I will have to make them again and that’s when the idea of BUNNY + BELLA was born. I need to bring to new parents an easy way to create beautiful and educational baby mobiles for their babies!

I spent a lot of time sourcing and testing all the materials, and deciding on which mobiles to create and toys to choose. I’m very proud and happy of what I have created and I hope that you’ll be too :)


Our Montessori inspired baby mobiles let you exercise your crafty side and give you that great satisfaction of creating something for your baby. They come in a box with instructions and all the essentials you need to create them. They’re not just beautiful they have a purpose, to help your baby's development.

Our baby toys are handpicked for their benefit to the development of your child. We’ve used all of them ourselves and know how effective they are.

When possible, BUNNY + BELLA supports local suppliers and tries to use the most natural materials. We are a small family-run business and our products are hand made so please forgive us if something is not perfect. :)