For the first few months, a mobile over the baby’s bed helps to develop the baby's abilities to explore the world visually. You can use our baby mobiles from birth through to the reaching and grasping stage. They can help the baby’s visual and sensorial experiences. As Dr. Montessori said, “babies absorb their environment visually before and as they develop movement”

The Munari mobile is designed for babies that are approximately 3 - 6 weeks old but you can use it for as long as your baby shows interest. It’s the first mobile in the Montessori series and it’s best to introduce it before the Octahedron mobile.

The mobile is made of black and white geometrical patterns with a plastic sphere that helps the baby develop their ability to explore the world visually. It is designed to develop concentration and tracking skills of a moving object as the mobile moves gently and reflects the light. 

In the box, you'll find:

  • Three wooden dowels
  • Three monochrome pre-cut cardstock shapes
  • Pre-cut threads for the shapes and sphere
  • Pre-cut long thread to hang the mobile
  • One plastic sphere
  • Instructions

This mobile requires some assembly.

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When assembled, our Munari inspired baby mobile is approximately 45 x 70cm. 

Rotate the mobiles approximately every 2 - 3 weeks. After presenting all the mobiles you can present again the four mobiles of the series. Your baby will be happy to rediscover and draw new information, based on their new capabilities.

You can hang our baby mobiles in several ways. Please choose what works best for you and your space. We recommend hanging them with a hook from the ceiling or with a type of hanger such as an L-shaped bracket or a hanging plant bracket.

Present the baby mobile 20 - 25cm above the baby's torso, to give a good angle of vision and to ensure a good position of the baby’s neck.

Before presenting the mobile, inspect the set up to ensure safety.

Please note this is a visual mobile only and should not be used as a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children under 5.

Don't forget to supervise your little ones!

All our mobiles are handmade so please be gentle. :)